Friday, February 12, 2016

Model Home Inspiration

I visited another model home this past week, but this time it was in my own neighborhood.  I told you how much I love walking through model homes, drooling and taking in the inspiration.  I love to see how other designers see a space.  My subdivision is pretty large and still growing.  According to the agent on duty, we are supposed to have over 900 homes by the time they are done.  That's huge right?  Well, they recently built the new model home closer to the newer builds.  The original was sold.  I frequently pass the new one on the way in but we never stop.  Well, on this day I did.  It was just me and my girl.

The house was huge.  It has 5 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, and a full basement.  It has the option to go up to a 6 bedroom.  I constantly joke with my husband about how we need more space.  This house was enough to make me want to move but then regret moving because there's so much to clean.

Excuse the iphone pics.  That's all I had on me.  I took a lot of pictures so settle in.

 This is formal living when you first walk in.  I immediately loved the color palette with the blues and reds.  It was very calming.

The formal dining room is attached right behind it.

To the back of the house on the left is the family room.  I normally wouldn't like this floorplan but the space was so open I didn't mind it.

The kitchen is to the right.  It was beautiful with white cabinets and dark hardwood floors.  The island was huge.

The back deck is large and located right off the kitchen.  Perfect for entertaining.

I noticed in every room there was some sort of console table with fantastic mirror and lamp combos.  This one is in the formal living as an entry table.

This one is right before the formal dining.  I usually go for the more modern straight edge furniture but I loved the curved lines on this console.

The guest room and bath are located on the main floor.  The shiplap caught my eye.  It was used as an accent wall in the room.

Here's another table and lamp combo in this room.

Can you guess what was at the top of the stairs?  Another table and mirror.  I love the detail of the dresser.

This is the wide open loft area upstairs.  It was twice the size of our current loft at home.  I could see my kids not wanting to come downstairs ever.  Well, we would need a TV up here then they wouldn't budge.

There was a spot for homework.  Yes, off my kitchen counter.

I really like this shelf.  I think I may incorporate something like this in our loft.

These hanging shelves are really cool too.

This is the girls room.  My daughter was drawn to the pink and claimed it as her own.  It was so tidy and all I could think about was her dolls strewn across the floor.

This bedroom was connected by a jack-and-jill bathroom.  I would never have peace and quiet if my kids shared a bathroom.  I like the blue green color on the wall.

The room next to it was actually a bonus room option.  In the normal floorplan this would be a part of the 2 story foyer.  They turned it into another family area.

And finally the master bedroom.

The master sitting room is an option as well.  It would normally be another bedroom.

The master bethroom was spacious with his and her vanities and a walk in closet.

I took away so many great ideas.  Just about every room had an accent wall and table, mirror, and lamp combo.  I think the designers did a great job pulling the house together.  I would immediately move in if asked.

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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Stained Wood Crates Take 2

My little guy needed some book storage.  I originally used the Ikea picture ledges but he pulled one of them down.  He was reaching for a book on the top shelf but tried to climb up the lower shelf to get it.  It came right down.  I didn't install them with wall anchors so it was bound to happen.  They were cute but not practical because the top shelf was out of reach for him.

So my new system is totally within his reach.  I re-used the wooden storage crates.  They were fine as they were but I wanted to add something to them for a little more presence.  I decided to label them.

Instead of finding a stencil to add my words, I simply free handed the letters and filled them in with white paint.  I painted one "Toys" and the other "Books".

 I sat them in front of the window for easy access.  They are the perfect height for him.  I kept the white Ikea chair. I went back and forth with it because I didn't think he needed a chair.  We rarely used it but I'm glad I kept it.  It looks good in the corner and makes a good space for him to read a book.  It's funny he already reads more just because the books are on his level and he can see them.

I've thought about adding casters to the bottoms but still haven't made my mind up.

What's your method for toy and book organization in the kids' rooms? 

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Monday, February 8, 2016

Big Boy Room Plans

Well my little man will be 3 this spring.  Where oh where did the time go?  We just moved him out of his crib to a big boy bed so of course my gears starting turning on re-decorating his room.  I was sad to let go of the crib but so excited that we are starting a new chapter.

Here is the nursery that I did when he was born.

I still love the colors so not much will be changing.  I plan on swapping the light blue for green though.  Just to throw in a little bit of a change.

Here's what I'm thinking.

I definitely wanted navy blue and white striped bedding, which I already bought.  It was the first new thing for the room.  The navy was a color I wanted for his nursery but never incorporated.

His new twin bed is still dark espresso.  It was a must for me.  I love the dark against the lighter gray and white stripes.  It also matches the color of his dresser which is staying.  Glad we bought it instead of a changing table from the start so now we don't have to buy another piece of furniture.

For storage, he is inheriting his sister's Ikea Trofast.  I may need to get more bins though.  One of hers was pink so that definitely is not going to work in his room.  I am still keeping his stained crates, but they might get a little makeover.  They will hold books and toys.  I removed the Ikea wall shelves since he pulled one down.  They never stood a chance.

I plan to add more color with pillows and artwork.  I like this blue and white pillow from Ikea.  The orange chevron pillow I already have so we'll see if it makes its way to this room.  I think I'm going to keep the chevron rug for now since it does keep orange in the room.  I also like the idea of a blueprint in the space.  I am taking away the animals and giving him a cars theme.  Well, not so much a theme, but he loves hot wheels and I think he will love the cars throughout the room.  The animals are too baby so they are going away. 

I like the idea of adding a few industrial elements like this metal letter and blue print.  I also like the captain's mirror but not sure where I would put it.

So , what do you think?  Do you love the plans as much as I do?  I've already started on some things so hopefully this room won't take long to finish. 

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